Welcome to IZUMI Business Solutions LLC

IZUMI Business Solutions LLC was established in 2004 in NY as a cross-border management consulting firm bridging various types and sizes of Japanese companies and overses markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to devote ourselves to various companies' globalization to Japanese markets and by Japanese companies to overseas, and, in the process, to develop people's skills and capabilities in the movement.

Our HR Division - Coaching

As a cross-border management consulting firm facilitating business transactions for Japanese and overseas companies, we have encountered in our six year history a number of issues arising out of business people's confusion over business. cultural and communication differences.  We have advised and coached scores of entrepreneurs, executives and business owners as a part of our consultancy service.  In response to increasing requests for HR expertise from our clients, IZUMI has recently created its own HR development division offering coaching, training, seminars and mentoring to better serve the future growth of the Japanese companies and others who are engaging with cross-border transactions.

Major Projects to Date:

1.     Identified alliance partner and facilitated negotiation to license a Japanese   environmental technology to a Chicago company.

2.     Facilitated communication for a new Japanese PCB treatment technology's verification test in Toronto, Canada.

3.     Directed a US marketing campaign on behalf of a cosmetics brush company in Japan to penetrate major US cosmetics companies.

4.     Identified and set up appointments with investors, lawyers and other interested parties in 5 US cities regarding the creation of business angel networks in Japan. Interpreted at the meetings for Japanese delegates, along with providing advice on economic, cultural and regulatory issues in the US.

5.     Formed and operated a US-based random number generator technology company licensed by a Japanese inventor, with UK and US business partners.

6.     On behalf of a major software company in Japan, identified and set up appointments with relevant professionals in the US and UK and interpreted at the meetings as a part of their marketing research project.

7.     Held the first 4-day Business Coach Training Session in February 2010 and graduated two coaches.  Business coaching skill program for Japanese executives is planned from April 21st through 23rd, 2010.  The same program in English is planned in early May.